What would you do…..

Every since “Good Friday” I’ve heard people going around saying things like “Why do they call it Good Friday if that is when they crucified him?”   

A ‘friend’ was at my house yesterday and said “I don’t understand – what do bunnies and eggs and things like that have to do with Easter?”

My answer to her was “Of course you don’t understand.  It is a Pagan holiday.”

She said that she ‘don’t want to hear it’. 

She was drunk and working on getting drunker.  She claims to be a Baptist and believes in God.  She will not eat at my house because I am a witch & I’m guessing she thinks I poison the food or something.  Yesterday she didn’t want to sit on my couch.  I guess that’s because of my couch make-over.  This is what it looks like:  Image

Is it really THAT bad?  Maybe it is because there are astrology signs on it now.  I really don’t know.  I honestly wonder why she even comes over.

I need better friends.  What do you think?



Meet A Beautiful Witch Named Nicole!

I love witches!  I met Nicole through Etsy.  She looks bewitching with her long, dark hair & tattoos.  The name of her shoppe is The Indigo Gathering.  It is chock full of really cool mystical, magickal items.

Nicole teaches classes about herbs, moon magick, and conjure in Knoxville, TN.  You will also find that she has a huge heart and donates money from every single sale in her shoppe to help her favorite animal.  Read on to find out all about her & her shoppe.


“I’ve been a practicing witch for about 12 years, and have studied many different paths.”

EarthMother195 Asked:  How did you learn ( who taught you ) your art?

and Nicole said:  As a child, I was always fascinated by magick. I guess like any little girl, it all starts out with “wish magick”, though of course we may not know that’s what it is at the time. Any time you blow out candles on a birthday cake, make a wish at 11:11, or whatever it may be, that’s magick. My ancestry is very well rounded by different cultures and beliefs already, and much of it has roots in some form of magick. Everything from Witchcraft to Hoodoo. When I got older, in high school, I had a very dear friend. Unfortunately, we grew apart, but she introduced me to magick, and the craft. I was so fascinated with it, that after studying more about it, I knew it was right for me. I haven’t seen my friend in years, but I thank her for showing me what I was missing from my life. Now, I look at everything in a different light. From the moon, and the trees, to listening for that whisper in the wind.

Now about 8 years later, I run a shop where I get to share my magick, help others in their practice, and I am part of the Shadow of the Moon Coven, working on my 1st degree with them. My coven has been a blessing to me. I’m very much looking forward to my journey with them.

 EarthMother195 says:  I also love HooDoo! This girl just about broke my heart in two when she said that she and her friend grew apart.  I could just picture them whispering secrets and sneaking off in the middle of the night to the woods, carrying armfuls of candles and books, in their long, flowing, black dresses.  Let’s find out more!
How did you come about getting your shop name?
Nicole said:  In my practice, indigo is used in peace waters, oils, floor washes, and many things that bring, just like it says, peace. I very much believe in coexisting, and accepting others, as well as accepted for who I am, no matter what I believe. To me, The Indigo Gathering strongly represents something I believe in, and that is coexisting. Whether you say, “harm to none, do what ye will”, or “love thy neighbor”, we should all learn to love each other for we truly are.
What new items are you considering to add to your shop?
A: I am currently working on adding hand-carved wands from birch and willow, and designing some lovely cloaks and ritual robes, and eventually, hand-fasting cords! Many new and wonderful things are in the making for The Indigo Gathering right now.

Custom Juju Spirit Doll

How would you describe your shop?
A: I believe that the shop is very well balanced. By the time I get finished stocking my “virtual shelves”, I think no matter what path you follow in the craft, that you can find something that suits your needs there. I welcome all, whether new or old to the practice, or maybe just curious. If it were a physical shop, I would hope it would be the kind of place that whether you need urgent help and a magickal “cure”, or you just want to gush about your day, you’d drop in to see me. I just love helping people. So far, everyone that I’ve done business with, I’ve stayed in touch, even just to ask how they are. I really care about the people that come to me. I actually met one of my closest, most dear friends through our shops on Etsy. Relating and friendship is important to me.
What inspires your creativity?
A: Oh wow! I’m inspired by so many things. It could be anything from a misty moonlit night by a river, to a bumper sticker! I actually saw a button made by a man on Etsy, that said, “A fabulous night for a moon dance”, and it inspired me so much that I’m finally finishing up a fiction novel I wrote from an idea it brought to me.
What keeps you motivated?
A: Helping others, educating those who don’t understand magick, and hoping that what little I can do will one day make a difference in the concept of coexisting.
What led you to start your business?
A: It started when I made candles, oils, incense, and mojos/charms for friends, and they loved them so much, they insisted I check out Etsy, which at the time, I had no idea what it was! I gave it a shot, and though it’s been a slow start, it’s full speed ahead now.
What is currently your favorite item in your store?
A: I am very connected to the Goddess, Arianrhod, and the moon. I do a lot of lunar magick. I really love the moon water, and the Arianrhod incense. The moon water is made from rain water and has this lovely blue color to it, that is dyed naturally by cornflower and blue lotus, then lightly scented with jasmine and charged with quartz under the full moon.


What charities does or has your company contributed to?
A: 10% of each sale is donated to The Elephant Sanctuary of Hohenwald, TN. I always had a fascination with elephants, so much that my first job, was at the zoo. It was fate that my first summer there, I worked an ice cream cart right next to the elephants. I made great friends with them! Though, they could have just used me for the ice cream… Elephants LOVE ice cream! haha. Then, once I began my path with the craft, I was told by a wise woman that my spirit animal is the elephant.
The elephant is said to symbolize tenderness, commitment, and communication.  They are powerful, yet nurturing and compassionate. I feel that’s a great description of the kind of person I try to be.
I hate to see these beautiful, gentle giants mistreated. I’m happy to see that the ivory trade has finally started to die out.
The Elephant Sanctuary is an elephant rescue organization.  They began in 1995 and they are the nations largest natural-habitat refuge developed specifically for endangered elephants. They currently operate on 2.700 acres in Hohenwald, TN, about 85 miles from Nashville. They provide a haven for old, sick, or needy elephants in this beautiful place and are even given heated barns for the cold Tennessee nights. I was proud to become a sponsor of an elephant there last year. I always look forward to my letters and updates on the elephants in the mail to see how things are going.
More information on The Elephant Sanctuary can be found at www.elephants.com as well as on Facebook, twitter @ELEPHANTSdotCOM, and YouTube at http://youtube.com/elephantsantuarytn .
EarthMother said:  I believe that success is about sharing, resources, leads, & tools.  The more we help each other be successful, the more we will succeed, so with this in mind,
What advice do you have for other small business owners?
And Nicole answered: Don’t give up! It’s a tough world to break into, as I’m still trying to. It’s taken me a year to finally get mine going, and business is slow at first. But there’s great new tools out there for business owners that weren’t around in the past. No longer do you have to go door-to-door, just get Facebook! But ultimately, don’t give up. Success is dependent upon how hard you work for it, and how bad you want it.

EarthMother195 – Connecting & Promoting Women In Business.

Plant Spells

I’ve mentioned previously that I have a spider plant that I just love.  It is growing beautifully in a pot in the only kitchen window I have, which is really the only good window for plants at all in my house.  I named her “Susan”.  I raised her mother & her mother’s mother.  She is a spell plant & she’s very special to me.  She gets talked to and once in a while she’ll get a stroke on her long, narrow, bright green leaves; or maybe even a little kiss.  I water her with warm water, never too cold.  I don’t want to shock her.  

Susan has little coins tucked in to the dirt around her that were left over from the bohemian pillow that I sewed up for a photo shoot of a dream catcher I have for sale.  She has things like my favorite stone, lapis lazuli, and fool’s gold buried in the dirt around her.  She is my business plant.  And she’s flourishing! 

Another baby spider plant that I’m raising is Jupiter.  Jupiter is sprouting up so fast that it is amazing.  He surprised me by growing so super fast.  I have several tarot decks and have used several cards from one deck that I tucked in around the inside of his pot.  He is also a spell plant. 

I love watching them grow & when I glance at them and as I take care of them, I remember what they are for.  Maybe it encourages me to work toward the goals that I have set forth for myself. 




Witch Jars of Protection

So me & Rhiannon are sitting on the couch this morning, and I’m contemplating what I’d like to do for the Summer Solstice this year.  As I pet Rhiannon, I notice that she’s now starting to shed.  Her fur is cool to the touch and soft on my fingertips.  I love the fact that she enjoys lounging around with me.  I study her green repilian eyes as they captivate me while she is gazing out the window.

  I’ve already purchased a beautiful green candle that smells of the ocean breeze to carve for the upcoming Sabatt.  This year, I had decided to get one large candle for each Sabatt, to use when I am reading my tarot cards,  studying, or doing my magick. I have three so far and they make for a lovely mood enhancer while burning along with some incense. 

This year alot has took off for me and everything seems to be going well.  I attribute most of what’s happening to some jar magick that has taken it’s good ole sweet time manifesting in the ground.  That’s the thing about earth magick, it does take some time to manifest.  Most of my magick doesn’t happen overnight, although some things I do in an emergency does manifest instantly, such as working over a map for weather changes. 

 One thing that I didn’t forethink happening was that one of my jars might be moved or lost.  My husband drove a semi truck and I rode with him for about three years.  We were sometimes home only one week out of a month.  One of the first things I did was to make a jar of protection and I buried it in a very deep hole during a ritual late one night.  Actually I would recommend for every new witch to make a jar of spiritual protection first, before anything else is done. 

 What happened was the creek out back of my house flooded from people up the road throwing their trash in it.  It was blocked by three tires.  It tore up the culvert.  My neighbor called my husband and told him about the situation, and suggested that he could fix the problem while we were gone.  We really didn’t have any other choice. 

When we got home, I realized that the spot I’d so carefully chosen to bury my jar had been upturned.  Huge piles of dirt was stacked up on the bank of the hill.  I moved shovelful after shovelful of dirt by hand daily, sifting though to look for shattered glass, hoping to find that jar intact, but to no avail.  I still keep an eye to the ground as I walk my property, hoping to see a glint of the glass.  I reassure myself that since I didn’t find it, it is buried deeply and intact.  I have hesitated in burying another jar since then, because of what has happened.           

Outside today it is overcast with a slight breeze; my absolute favorite type of weather.  I’m resting up and relaxing because my band has a show tonight.  I’m thankful that I don’t have to work my day job, and that I have the opportunity to rest up for the show. 

A Familiar For A Lifetime


I wake up and giggle as Rhiannon is trying to walk around my sleeping husband’s head.  I lay there and pet her for a few minutes, then we both excitedly walk into the kitchen together to see if I’ve caught that mouse that has been making itself at home in my kitchen.  Why do I need a glue trap to catch a mouse when I have a 30 pound cat?  Well, basically, because she is spoiled.  And she rightly deserves to be.

About a year ago, my daughter told me she was expecting my second grandbaby.  I remembered how much time and energy I had put in to her first child, and I started getting annoyed at little things like cleaning out the litter box and sweeping up cat hair.  My Rhiannon wasn’t used to being around alot of people and sometimes she wasn’t always “nice”.  This is right around the time that I’d made one of the worst decisions of my witchy life.  I decided to give her away.  I’d made arrangements with my husband’s sister to take her.

Two months after she took her, I got a phone call saying Rhiannon really wasn’t eating or drinking and she was just laying in the bathroom by the toilet alot.  I wondered if she was just homesick.

A week later I get another phone call, saying that she acted like she couldn’t walk, and that about 3 AM, my sis-in-law went to the bathroom and her dog was pulling on Rhiannon’s tail, while another one of her dogs was barking at Rhiann; and that Rhiannon was trying to “roll” toward the hallway to get away from them.  I was horrified.  She took her to the vet.  I told my husband that I was going to get my cat.

I travelled the two hours to the vet’s office and went inside.  I didn’t recognize my precious kitty when at first I saw her.  She was severely dehydrated.  She was so boney that you could see every bone in her body.  Literally.  Even in her head.  She weighed exactly half of what she did when I gave her away.  She was laying on a pee pad in a cage and she was sopping wet.  She had an I.V.in her little arm and her fur was completely matted.  When I picked her up into my arms, her eyes rolled as she was in and out of consciousness.

The vet explained to me that she had somehow gotten poisioned, she and her liver was toast.  He told me not to expect her to live through the night.  I held her in the vets office for about three hours.  I cried and sang to her.  I tried to visualize the poisions leaving her body as black oil-like masses.  When she saw my two year old grandson who had come with me, she lifted her head toward him and tried twice to reach out her paw toward him.

The next day, I got a call from the vet’s office saying that I could pick her up.  They were very surprised that she had lived through the night.  I once again drove the two hours and picked my baby up, cuddling her in my lap as I drove.  At some point through the drive, Rhiannon mustered up enough energy to take a few steps over to the passenger side of the car and crawl in to my daughter’s lap.

For weeks, I had to push an IV needle in to her skinny arm three times a day.  I had to force a liver pill down her throat twice a day.  I used a syringe to feed her a pasty formula and water.  These were orders from the vet.

The witch in me went straight to the local witch store and consulted the store owner.  There, I’d bought a special mix of oils to rub on key points on her body and on to her paws every day.  This oil was to draw toxins out of her body.  I purchased a Bloodstone and Aquamarine stone which I put in her water bowl.  They remain in her water bowl even today.  My heart was breaking as I read over healing books and dicovered that problems she was having stemmed from emotions, not being heard, not being able to voice an opinion.  Then I poured over my herbal remedy books and discovered that dandelion root is a main ingredient for medicinal use for problems with the liver.  I went out into the yard and dug up the biggest dandelion roots I could find around the creekbed and dried them out; a couple of days later making her dandelion root tea….which I fed her through a syringe several times a day.  I rocked her in my rocking chair and sang gently to her every day while visualizing the toxins leaving her body.  I tried to get the mats out of her hair by taking a tiny pair of scissors going underneath the mat – cutting the hair next to her skin.  This took more than two weeks, and was painful to Rhiann….but it had to be done.

I sent pictures of progress to my sister-in-law a couple of months later.  She couldn’t believe it was the same cat.  It hurts me to think about this.  Tears run down my face as I write it now.  My cat tried to kill herself from the  loneliness of being taken away from her family. I definately count that as “one of her nine lives”.  Now she has eight left.  Take a lesson from me……..never, ever give away your familiar.

Is there such a thing as a white witch?

I don’t believe there are white witches because there is good and bad in everyone.  Nobody always has perfect white thoughts.

 I know, you may say, “Well, it’s determined by the magick they do, they only do good magick.”  

 To this I say, “Not when they have negative or bad thoughts, for thoughts are a type of magick in their own rite.”