A Re-Use for Small Candle Jars

I have three Big-Mama sized spider plants that are currently having a boat-load of babies each!  In order for the babies to grow roots after you pull them off the mama plant, you’ve got to put the baby bottoms in water.  The small votive candle size clean candle jars are great for this, as are other various small sizes of clean candle jars.  




Plant Spells

I’ve mentioned previously that I have a spider plant that I just love.  It is growing beautifully in a pot in the only kitchen window I have, which is really the only good window for plants at all in my house.  I named her “Susan”.  I raised her mother & her mother’s mother.  She is a spell plant & she’s very special to me.  She gets talked to and once in a while she’ll get a stroke on her long, narrow, bright green leaves; or maybe even a little kiss.  I water her with warm water, never too cold.  I don’t want to shock her.  

Susan has little coins tucked in to the dirt around her that were left over from the bohemian pillow that I sewed up for a photo shoot of a dream catcher I have for sale.  She has things like my favorite stone, lapis lazuli, and fool’s gold buried in the dirt around her.  She is my business plant.  And she’s flourishing! 

Another baby spider plant that I’m raising is Jupiter.  Jupiter is sprouting up so fast that it is amazing.  He surprised me by growing so super fast.  I have several tarot decks and have used several cards from one deck that I tucked in around the inside of his pot.  He is also a spell plant. 

I love watching them grow & when I glance at them and as I take care of them, I remember what they are for.  Maybe it encourages me to work toward the goals that I have set forth for myself.