Reconnecting to the Tarot

After a while, just like everything else, your interest in Tarot may start to wane, you may be feeling bored with what seems like the same old meanings and pictures.   You may not have anyone new around to read for, whatever.  It’s up to you to keep your connection strong and it’s very easy to do.  One way I reconnect is with Tarot Art.  I love to draw, color, & paint my cards.  I use glitter, acrylic paints, water color paint sets, poster board, markers, colored pencils, ink pens, pencils and anything else I can find.  Wake up your inner child with something fun and different.  When you get creative, you may lose track of time.  I get so absorbed in it that I just want to be left alone when the mood really strikes me.  Doing art is not an every day thing for me.  I take my spells though when I really want to create.  I’m always amazed by the results.  I feel a connection to my work.  I hang them up and admire the work my inner child has created.  I think she deserves a little credit sometimes, too.  Don’t you?


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