Saint Patrick’s Day 2013

My first stop today……..


that’s right!  I had to go grab a hug from my grandson, Jayvon.


No one else in this world can make me happier!

I was super surprised when I walked outside & there was big, fat flakes of snow everywhere!  Especially when yesterday there were these beautiful signs of spring.


Well, I guess that is the surprises of March.  I hope your hands are filled with all the gold they can hold today.  I feel like mine sure are when I hold my handsome grandson!  Happy St. Patties to ya!


We Weave Our Own Webs….

Come on!  I have some things to show you!

Come on! I have some things to show you!

I loved weaving this dream catcher that has a deep meaning behind it.  I decided to take you along with me as I set out to photograph this piece……….


This is Heather.  She came along with me and photographed me while I photographed my dream catcher.  What a great person to be around.  We had so much fun hanging out taking pictures together.  The time flew by.  What a fun day!


This was our first stop.  It’s possible that nobody else saw the beauty of this big, old tree the way I did.


Big, gorgeous undiscovered trees are one of my favorite backgrounds.

Hanging my dream catcher on the tree....

Hanging my dream catcher on the tree….

Making sure everything is straight.

Making sure everything is straight.

Here’s how one of those turned out.  Beautiful, isn’t it?

Doesn't this look great against this natural background?

Doesn’t this look great against this natural background?

Our next site used to be a prison at one time.  I love the stones in this wall, and the way the vines are grown around it.



Here, I was getting a close up, so that I could show off some of the details real good.  I’ll show you…..


The breathtakingly beautiful black & white design in this dream catcher features a big spider who is busily spinning her thin, white web…… the end of the web is entwined within her mouth and front legs.

The attention to detail in this piece is incredible! Hand painted spiders on wooden beads and wooden spiders with hand beaded legs. The feathers create beautiful designs within the tail.
The spider is removable from this dream catcher to give it a different look.Image


How about that?  I thought they were some pretty good close ups.


So now I’ll tell you about the dream catcher & what it means to me.

Spiders are linked to fate and density; teaching us about our own lives…….because you weave your life by the choices you make. You may watch a spider as it spends a day weaving it’s web and if it doesn’t work, she’ll untie it and let it float away. You always have the ability to re-weave what you don’t like. You are an infinite being who will continue to weave patterns throughout your lifetime.

Have the courage to reach out and create your own tomorrows; to break out of the illusion that has you feeling locked in, and discover who and what you truly are.

Alone Time

I’m so body tired but I don’t want to sleep.  All I feel like doing now is eating chips & dip, drinking pop and hanging out on the computer.  Last night we had a show.  The crowd was the best.  They were rowdy, dancing, & loving us….and we loved them right back ~ giving our heart & soul to them with our music.  Yeah, sure, sometimes we push it a little too far….like making Rhiannon a 9 minute song because of the screamin’ guitar solo.  But they loved it.  And the one who requested it came up & got herself a hug during the song.

After we got our equipment torn down & loaded up, my husband & I had a 45 minute drive home.  Other band members live even further away ~ up to an hour and 20 minute longer drive.

It was about 4:00 am by the time we got home, then we had to unload a very heavy p.a.. & bring in all the gear.  I reheated something to eat & my husband looked over some of the videos from the night.  He almost had to “make” me go to bed…sometimes it’s hard to ground yourself after a show when the crowd was really in to you.

So this day found me having to go to work by 11:00 am to my day job…..standing up all day, I might add.  Now I feel like my knees just want to bend in backwards.  I’m still too wound up to rest.  My mind is just too active.  I feel wonderful and exhausted, both at the same time, if that makes any sense.

I don’t even want to have conversations on the phone.  I am cherishing this time alone.

Plant Spells

I’ve mentioned previously that I have a spider plant that I just love.  It is growing beautifully in a pot in the only kitchen window I have, which is really the only good window for plants at all in my house.  I named her “Susan”.  I raised her mother & her mother’s mother.  She is a spell plant & she’s very special to me.  She gets talked to and once in a while she’ll get a stroke on her long, narrow, bright green leaves; or maybe even a little kiss.  I water her with warm water, never too cold.  I don’t want to shock her.  

Susan has little coins tucked in to the dirt around her that were left over from the bohemian pillow that I sewed up for a photo shoot of a dream catcher I have for sale.  She has things like my favorite stone, lapis lazuli, and fool’s gold buried in the dirt around her.  She is my business plant.  And she’s flourishing! 

Another baby spider plant that I’m raising is Jupiter.  Jupiter is sprouting up so fast that it is amazing.  He surprised me by growing so super fast.  I have several tarot decks and have used several cards from one deck that I tucked in around the inside of his pot.  He is also a spell plant. 

I love watching them grow & when I glance at them and as I take care of them, I remember what they are for.  Maybe it encourages me to work toward the goals that I have set forth for myself. 




“Flower Children”

It is ‘The Summer of Love”. They live out in a tent in the yard and dance beneath the apple trees. They spend hours wading in the creek. They have beautiful names like Skye, Autumn, Jade and Amber.

They are Flower Children. They wear flowers in their hair and distribute paper flowers to those who pass by. Their message is universal brotherhood, peace and love.

They are born happy-go-lucky; they are hippies, environmentalists, they respect life of all kinds, and believe that there is always a better option than to use violence.

~Flower Child Collection Bohemian Hair Clips~are available at: by EarthMother195