Learning Tarot ~ Death Reversed

Death (reversed)

Every Tarot card has many different meanings & interpretations.  One meaning of Reversed Death is grave desecration.  Grave desecration is when someone purposely tries to destroy a tombstone, dig it up, or mark it in some unsavory way.  I took a little trip through a local cemetery and this is what I found~


This stone looks like it has been forceably pushed.


Even though it is snow covered and may be hard to see, this stone has been pushed over and the dirt has been dug in to.


It looks as though someone hit this stone right in the middle with a sledgehammer.


Stones that fall over because they are just very old do not count as a grave desecration.


This may have happened because of age. Someone has lovingly re-stacked the stones here.

Another meaning of Death Reversed could be someone making fun of death, as in they are glad someone died or making fun of the way that the person died.  They are disrespectful, possibly laughing about someone that is dead.

Take a trip with your Tarot cards and see what you find!


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