What would you do…..

Every since “Good Friday” I’ve heard people going around saying things like “Why do they call it Good Friday if that is when they crucified him?”   

A ‘friend’ was at my house yesterday and said “I don’t understand – what do bunnies and eggs and things like that have to do with Easter?”

My answer to her was “Of course you don’t understand.  It is a Pagan holiday.”

She said that she ‘don’t want to hear it’. 

She was drunk and working on getting drunker.  She claims to be a Baptist and believes in God.  She will not eat at my house because I am a witch & I’m guessing she thinks I poison the food or something.  Yesterday she didn’t want to sit on my couch.  I guess that’s because of my couch make-over.  This is what it looks like:  Image

Is it really THAT bad?  Maybe it is because there are astrology signs on it now.  I really don’t know.  I honestly wonder why she even comes over.

I need better friends.  What do you think?



2 thoughts on “What would you do…..

  1. Yes, i think you need friends that accept you and friends that are comfortable with who you are and what you practice. If you guys are close then work around it, but if you aren’t then, why keep going through that? (I like your couch by the way lol)

  2. I agree 🙂 I LOVE the couch! I actually called in to the radio station who said “88% of Christians agree that Easter eggs and the Easter bunny is a great and fun way to bring kids closer to God” Oh my, I called and vented. I doubt my opinion will be aired but I told them that if they want to hunt eggs and go sit on the bunny’s lap for pictures, that at least know who the tradition was stolen from and why it’s practiced. It’s not about them doing it and being offended, I love that everyone loves to make that a part of their family traditions, however it’s wrong to do it and pretend Christianity thought of it and play it off that way. That’s what ruffles my feathers. There’s a reason why a symbol of fertility doesn’t make sense as part of a tradition for Christ’s resurrection. Can I get an amen? lol

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