What would you do…..

Every since “Good Friday” I’ve heard people going around saying things like “Why do they call it Good Friday if that is when they crucified him?”   

A ‘friend’ was at my house yesterday and said “I don’t understand – what do bunnies and eggs and things like that have to do with Easter?”

My answer to her was “Of course you don’t understand.  It is a Pagan holiday.”

She said that she ‘don’t want to hear it’. 

She was drunk and working on getting drunker.  She claims to be a Baptist and believes in God.  She will not eat at my house because I am a witch & I’m guessing she thinks I poison the food or something.  Yesterday she didn’t want to sit on my couch.  I guess that’s because of my couch make-over.  This is what it looks like:  Image

Is it really THAT bad?  Maybe it is because there are astrology signs on it now.  I really don’t know.  I honestly wonder why she even comes over.

I need better friends.  What do you think?