Ostara or Easter: Some Ideas & Shortcuts!

Yesterday I climbed the hill out back of our house to gather moss for the kid’s Ostara baskets.    Yes, REAL moss…like back in the olden days….not plastic, fake grass to line their baskets this year.

Image  It felt so soft, and looked good, too!  The moss also kept it’s shape really well, holding up the candy inside the baskets.

After work today, I hurried home to fix our Ostara dinner & finish making Jayvon & Monte’s baskets.


Ahhh!  It ended up being a beautiful ,sunny day after all, thank Goddess!  I was a tiny bit worried about how the weather would turn out, because the last few days have been snowing, raining, and windy days.


A simple meal of ham, mashed potatoes, green beans & of course, Carrot Cake!  It was delicious!

A few years ago, I thought I needed to make a HUGE dinner, with everything homemade.  This year I’ve been thinking a little bit differently.  I’ve noticed that, although my family appreciates it when I make food from scratch, it’s not always necessary for the holidays any more.  A simple layout tastes good and fills the tummy, leaving time to talk & enjoy company, as opposed to rushing around trying to finish everything up while everyone else gets to socialize.


I included a small seed starter pot, a coffee filter to line it with, and a new pack of watermelon seeds in the 3 year old’s basket.  He enjoyed planting his seed and giving it a good watering.


As a matter of fact, he watered it WAY too much, making a puddle of water that overflowed the plastic lid underneath.  His mama didn’t like that part too much, but it wasn’t a big deal.  I grabbed a hand towel & sopped up the mess – then we were good to go!

I did one thing backwards this year, and it was because I was afraid to run out of daylight, because I had to work first.  I hid the eggs before we colored them.  The kid’s sure didn’t mind…actually, they never even noticed!

Image  ImageImage  Image

After the bunny stole our eggs and hid them about 4 times, we decided to boil the water, add vinegar & food coloring & let Jayvon do the honors:  Image  Image  Image

He did a good job!  We loved the faces he made while he was trying so hard to concentrate.

It was a very good day indeed!  Happy Ostara or Easter, whichever you celebrate, to you & yours!


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