Alone Time

I’m so body tired but I don’t want to sleep.  All I feel like doing now is eating chips & dip, drinking pop and hanging out on the computer.  Last night we had a show.  The crowd was the best.  They were rowdy, dancing, & loving us….and we loved them right back ~ giving our heart & soul to them with our music.  Yeah, sure, sometimes we push it a little too far….like making Rhiannon a 9 minute song because of the screamin’ guitar solo.  But they loved it.  And the one who requested it came up & got herself a hug during the song.

After we got our equipment torn down & loaded up, my husband & I had a 45 minute drive home.  Other band members live even further away ~ up to an hour and 20 minute longer drive.

It was about 4:00 am by the time we got home, then we had to unload a very heavy p.a.. & bring in all the gear.  I reheated something to eat & my husband looked over some of the videos from the night.  He almost had to “make” me go to bed…sometimes it’s hard to ground yourself after a show when the crowd was really in to you.

So this day found me having to go to work by 11:00 am to my day job…..standing up all day, I might add.  Now I feel like my knees just want to bend in backwards.  I’m still too wound up to rest.  My mind is just too active.  I feel wonderful and exhausted, both at the same time, if that makes any sense.

I don’t even want to have conversations on the phone.  I am cherishing this time alone.


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