“Desert Sands” Dream Catcher ~Desert Spirit Collection~

Part of the Desert Spirit Collection by EarthMother195

Part of the Desert Spirit Collection by EarthMother195

This dream catcher swoops me up & delivers me back to the days that I stood in the dry heat of Las Cruces, New Mexico. One of the things that I loved about it was that even though the temperatures soared, the air was dry so I wasn’t sweating. I enjoyed photographing tangled cactus with bright flowers blooming from them. I also loved collecting desert stones that the sand and winds had made smooth, riding dune buggies and go carts across desert paths, and hanging out beside a campfire outlined with large stones. A spider spun a web every night on my uncle’s front porch. They never knocked it down; instead, it was something that we watched & admired.

"Desert Sands" Dream Catcher by EarthMother195

“Desert Sands”
Dream Catcher by EarthMother195


The sun’s rays beat down through cloudless skies and bake the land. The ground heats the air so much that air rises in waves you can actually see. These shimmering waves confuse the eye, causing travelers to see distorted images called mirages.

The desert is dry, barren, hot, and silent. Not a drop of water for months. The desert is so hostile, yet living things survive there: camels, snakes and lizards, coyotes, tarantulas, scorpions, and buzzards.

Desert winds whip hot sands around which smooth the stones that can be collected there. Sandstorms may bury everything in their path—rocks, fields, and even towns.

One legend holds that a Persian Emperor sent an army of 50,000 men to The Sahara Desert – Halfway there, an enormous sandstorm swallowed the entire group. Archaeologists have been unsuccessfully looking for this ‘Lost Army ‘ ever since. You may be surprised to realize that The Sahara Desert is almost the size of the entire continental United States!

A desert will show you an amazing world, but a person who is traveling through the desert can suffer through many hardships, such as sunburns, sand storms, dehydration, snake bites and much more.   Desert Sands features a daintily woven white web with a found animal skull attached, with a gorgeous display of feathers that splay out of the top of it’s head; a beige wrapped hoop wound with soft suede; and beautiful orange hand painted colored beads mixed with beige, pale yellow, orange & black beads that really set this piece off.

Fuzzy grey and tan feathers and faux hair-like pieces flow in a full tail on this one of a kind, very original dream catcher.

“Desert Sands” Dream Catcher is available to purchase at: 


Hoop measures 17 inches wide by 19 inches long; Tail measures 38 inches long.

Full piece from wooden hanging hook to bottom is 4 ft. 9 inches.


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