Meet A Beautiful Witch Named Nicole!

I love witches!  I met Nicole through Etsy.  She looks bewitching with her long, dark hair & tattoos.  The name of her shoppe is The Indigo Gathering.  It is chock full of really cool mystical, magickal items.

Nicole teaches classes about herbs, moon magick, and conjure in Knoxville, TN.  You will also find that she has a huge heart and donates money from every single sale in her shoppe to help her favorite animal.  Read on to find out all about her & her shoppe.


“I’ve been a practicing witch for about 12 years, and have studied many different paths.”

EarthMother195 Asked:  How did you learn ( who taught you ) your art?

and Nicole said:  As a child, I was always fascinated by magick. I guess like any little girl, it all starts out with “wish magick”, though of course we may not know that’s what it is at the time. Any time you blow out candles on a birthday cake, make a wish at 11:11, or whatever it may be, that’s magick. My ancestry is very well rounded by different cultures and beliefs already, and much of it has roots in some form of magick. Everything from Witchcraft to Hoodoo. When I got older, in high school, I had a very dear friend. Unfortunately, we grew apart, but she introduced me to magick, and the craft. I was so fascinated with it, that after studying more about it, I knew it was right for me. I haven’t seen my friend in years, but I thank her for showing me what I was missing from my life. Now, I look at everything in a different light. From the moon, and the trees, to listening for that whisper in the wind.

Now about 8 years later, I run a shop where I get to share my magick, help others in their practice, and I am part of the Shadow of the Moon Coven, working on my 1st degree with them. My coven has been a blessing to me. I’m very much looking forward to my journey with them.

 EarthMother195 says:  I also love HooDoo! This girl just about broke my heart in two when she said that she and her friend grew apart.  I could just picture them whispering secrets and sneaking off in the middle of the night to the woods, carrying armfuls of candles and books, in their long, flowing, black dresses.  Let’s find out more!
How did you come about getting your shop name?
Nicole said:  In my practice, indigo is used in peace waters, oils, floor washes, and many things that bring, just like it says, peace. I very much believe in coexisting, and accepting others, as well as accepted for who I am, no matter what I believe. To me, The Indigo Gathering strongly represents something I believe in, and that is coexisting. Whether you say, “harm to none, do what ye will”, or “love thy neighbor”, we should all learn to love each other for we truly are.
What new items are you considering to add to your shop?
A: I am currently working on adding hand-carved wands from birch and willow, and designing some lovely cloaks and ritual robes, and eventually, hand-fasting cords! Many new and wonderful things are in the making for The Indigo Gathering right now.

Custom Juju Spirit Doll

How would you describe your shop?
A: I believe that the shop is very well balanced. By the time I get finished stocking my “virtual shelves”, I think no matter what path you follow in the craft, that you can find something that suits your needs there. I welcome all, whether new or old to the practice, or maybe just curious. If it were a physical shop, I would hope it would be the kind of place that whether you need urgent help and a magickal “cure”, or you just want to gush about your day, you’d drop in to see me. I just love helping people. So far, everyone that I’ve done business with, I’ve stayed in touch, even just to ask how they are. I really care about the people that come to me. I actually met one of my closest, most dear friends through our shops on Etsy. Relating and friendship is important to me.
What inspires your creativity?
A: Oh wow! I’m inspired by so many things. It could be anything from a misty moonlit night by a river, to a bumper sticker! I actually saw a button made by a man on Etsy, that said, “A fabulous night for a moon dance”, and it inspired me so much that I’m finally finishing up a fiction novel I wrote from an idea it brought to me.
What keeps you motivated?
A: Helping others, educating those who don’t understand magick, and hoping that what little I can do will one day make a difference in the concept of coexisting.
What led you to start your business?
A: It started when I made candles, oils, incense, and mojos/charms for friends, and they loved them so much, they insisted I check out Etsy, which at the time, I had no idea what it was! I gave it a shot, and though it’s been a slow start, it’s full speed ahead now.
What is currently your favorite item in your store?
A: I am very connected to the Goddess, Arianrhod, and the moon. I do a lot of lunar magick. I really love the moon water, and the Arianrhod incense. The moon water is made from rain water and has this lovely blue color to it, that is dyed naturally by cornflower and blue lotus, then lightly scented with jasmine and charged with quartz under the full moon.


What charities does or has your company contributed to?
A: 10% of each sale is donated to The Elephant Sanctuary of Hohenwald, TN. I always had a fascination with elephants, so much that my first job, was at the zoo. It was fate that my first summer there, I worked an ice cream cart right next to the elephants. I made great friends with them! Though, they could have just used me for the ice cream… Elephants LOVE ice cream! haha. Then, once I began my path with the craft, I was told by a wise woman that my spirit animal is the elephant.
The elephant is said to symbolize tenderness, commitment, and communication.  They are powerful, yet nurturing and compassionate. I feel that’s a great description of the kind of person I try to be.
I hate to see these beautiful, gentle giants mistreated. I’m happy to see that the ivory trade has finally started to die out.
The Elephant Sanctuary is an elephant rescue organization.  They began in 1995 and they are the nations largest natural-habitat refuge developed specifically for endangered elephants. They currently operate on 2.700 acres in Hohenwald, TN, about 85 miles from Nashville. They provide a haven for old, sick, or needy elephants in this beautiful place and are even given heated barns for the cold Tennessee nights. I was proud to become a sponsor of an elephant there last year. I always look forward to my letters and updates on the elephants in the mail to see how things are going.
More information on The Elephant Sanctuary can be found at as well as on Facebook, twitter @ELEPHANTSdotCOM, and YouTube at .
EarthMother said:  I believe that success is about sharing, resources, leads, & tools.  The more we help each other be successful, the more we will succeed, so with this in mind,
What advice do you have for other small business owners?
And Nicole answered: Don’t give up! It’s a tough world to break into, as I’m still trying to. It’s taken me a year to finally get mine going, and business is slow at first. But there’s great new tools out there for business owners that weren’t around in the past. No longer do you have to go door-to-door, just get Facebook! But ultimately, don’t give up. Success is dependent upon how hard you work for it, and how bad you want it.

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Ostara or Easter: Some Ideas & Shortcuts!

Yesterday I climbed the hill out back of our house to gather moss for the kid’s Ostara baskets.    Yes, REAL moss…like back in the olden days….not plastic, fake grass to line their baskets this year.

Image  It felt so soft, and looked good, too!  The moss also kept it’s shape really well, holding up the candy inside the baskets.

After work today, I hurried home to fix our Ostara dinner & finish making Jayvon & Monte’s baskets.


Ahhh!  It ended up being a beautiful ,sunny day after all, thank Goddess!  I was a tiny bit worried about how the weather would turn out, because the last few days have been snowing, raining, and windy days.


A simple meal of ham, mashed potatoes, green beans & of course, Carrot Cake!  It was delicious!

A few years ago, I thought I needed to make a HUGE dinner, with everything homemade.  This year I’ve been thinking a little bit differently.  I’ve noticed that, although my family appreciates it when I make food from scratch, it’s not always necessary for the holidays any more.  A simple layout tastes good and fills the tummy, leaving time to talk & enjoy company, as opposed to rushing around trying to finish everything up while everyone else gets to socialize.


I included a small seed starter pot, a coffee filter to line it with, and a new pack of watermelon seeds in the 3 year old’s basket.  He enjoyed planting his seed and giving it a good watering.


As a matter of fact, he watered it WAY too much, making a puddle of water that overflowed the plastic lid underneath.  His mama didn’t like that part too much, but it wasn’t a big deal.  I grabbed a hand towel & sopped up the mess – then we were good to go!

I did one thing backwards this year, and it was because I was afraid to run out of daylight, because I had to work first.  I hid the eggs before we colored them.  The kid’s sure didn’t mind…actually, they never even noticed!

Image  ImageImage  Image

After the bunny stole our eggs and hid them about 4 times, we decided to boil the water, add vinegar & food coloring & let Jayvon do the honors:  Image  Image  Image

He did a good job!  We loved the faces he made while he was trying so hard to concentrate.

It was a very good day indeed!  Happy Ostara or Easter, whichever you celebrate, to you & yours!

The Legend Lives……………

It’s not a drink or a dance – the black mamba is widely considered the world’s deadliest snake!

"Black Mamba" Dream Catcher

“Black Mamba” Dream Catcher

This remarkable dream catcher is designed from the likeness of the Black Mamba – a  nervous, lethally venomous, and when threatened, highly aggressive snake! They are also among the fastest snakes in the world.

They get their name not from their skin color, which tends to be olive to gray, but rather from the ink-black color of the inside of their mouth, which they display when threatened.

The mamba will strike not once, but repeatedly. A bite from this fearsome serpent is 100 percent fatal, usually within about 20 minutes.

Part of the "Desert Spirit" Collection

Part of the “Desert Spirit” Collection

When the mamba feels threatened it will raise its front and head about 4 feet off the ground, open its mouth, spread a flat, cobra-like neck-flap, and shake its head.

They are invulnerable, because no animal can actually kill them. Their venom can kill just about anything, so they don’t have much to worry about. They’ve been seen in the wild attacking animals as big as lions and leopards in defense of their territory.

Thanks to antivenin and other methods, most people treated with antivenin in a timely manner can now survive the “death’s kiss.” Otherwise, say your last prayers

Something new & different.....

Something new & different…..

A Mamba’s venom attacks the nervous system ( the brain). Unlike other types of venom, this one will not rot your muscle tissue, it will simply kill you. That is the good thing. If you are lucky enough to survive a bite from a Black Mamba, there will not be any side effects.

In a class by itself:  Black Mamba!!

In a class by itself:  Black Mamba!!!

“Black Mamba” dream catcher may be purchased through:

I look off the beaten path for ideas for my designs.

EarthMother195.  Maker of extraordinary Dream Catchers.

EarthMother195. Maker of extraordinary Dream Catchers.

Hi everyone! I am EarthMother195. Check out the links below to connect with me.

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Saint Patrick’s Day 2013

My first stop today……..


that’s right!  I had to go grab a hug from my grandson, Jayvon.


No one else in this world can make me happier!

I was super surprised when I walked outside & there was big, fat flakes of snow everywhere!  Especially when yesterday there were these beautiful signs of spring.


Well, I guess that is the surprises of March.  I hope your hands are filled with all the gold they can hold today.  I feel like mine sure are when I hold my handsome grandson!  Happy St. Patties to ya!

We Weave Our Own Webs….

Come on!  I have some things to show you!

Come on! I have some things to show you!

I loved weaving this dream catcher that has a deep meaning behind it.  I decided to take you along with me as I set out to photograph this piece……….


This is Heather.  She came along with me and photographed me while I photographed my dream catcher.  What a great person to be around.  We had so much fun hanging out taking pictures together.  The time flew by.  What a fun day!


This was our first stop.  It’s possible that nobody else saw the beauty of this big, old tree the way I did.


Big, gorgeous undiscovered trees are one of my favorite backgrounds.

Hanging my dream catcher on the tree....

Hanging my dream catcher on the tree….

Making sure everything is straight.

Making sure everything is straight.

Here’s how one of those turned out.  Beautiful, isn’t it?

Doesn't this look great against this natural background?

Doesn’t this look great against this natural background?

Our next site used to be a prison at one time.  I love the stones in this wall, and the way the vines are grown around it.



Here, I was getting a close up, so that I could show off some of the details real good.  I’ll show you…..


The breathtakingly beautiful black & white design in this dream catcher features a big spider who is busily spinning her thin, white web…… the end of the web is entwined within her mouth and front legs.

The attention to detail in this piece is incredible! Hand painted spiders on wooden beads and wooden spiders with hand beaded legs. The feathers create beautiful designs within the tail.
The spider is removable from this dream catcher to give it a different look.Image


How about that?  I thought they were some pretty good close ups.


So now I’ll tell you about the dream catcher & what it means to me.

Spiders are linked to fate and density; teaching us about our own lives…….because you weave your life by the choices you make. You may watch a spider as it spends a day weaving it’s web and if it doesn’t work, she’ll untie it and let it float away. You always have the ability to re-weave what you don’t like. You are an infinite being who will continue to weave patterns throughout your lifetime.

Have the courage to reach out and create your own tomorrows; to break out of the illusion that has you feeling locked in, and discover who and what you truly are.