Witch Jars of Protection

So me & Rhiannon are sitting on the couch this morning, and I’m contemplating what I’d like to do for the Summer Solstice this year.  As I pet Rhiannon, I notice that she’s now starting to shed.  Her fur is cool to the touch and soft on my fingertips.  I love the fact that she enjoys lounging around with me.  I study her green repilian eyes as they captivate me while she is gazing out the window.

  I’ve already purchased a beautiful green candle that smells of the ocean breeze to carve for the upcoming Sabatt.  This year, I had decided to get one large candle for each Sabatt, to use when I am reading my tarot cards,  studying, or doing my magick. I have three so far and they make for a lovely mood enhancer while burning along with some incense. 

This year alot has took off for me and everything seems to be going well.  I attribute most of what’s happening to some jar magick that has taken it’s good ole sweet time manifesting in the ground.  That’s the thing about earth magick, it does take some time to manifest.  Most of my magick doesn’t happen overnight, although some things I do in an emergency does manifest instantly, such as working over a map for weather changes. 

 One thing that I didn’t forethink happening was that one of my jars might be moved or lost.  My husband drove a semi truck and I rode with him for about three years.  We were sometimes home only one week out of a month.  One of the first things I did was to make a jar of protection and I buried it in a very deep hole during a ritual late one night.  Actually I would recommend for every new witch to make a jar of spiritual protection first, before anything else is done. 

 What happened was the creek out back of my house flooded from people up the road throwing their trash in it.  It was blocked by three tires.  It tore up the culvert.  My neighbor called my husband and told him about the situation, and suggested that he could fix the problem while we were gone.  We really didn’t have any other choice. 

When we got home, I realized that the spot I’d so carefully chosen to bury my jar had been upturned.  Huge piles of dirt was stacked up on the bank of the hill.  I moved shovelful after shovelful of dirt by hand daily, sifting though to look for shattered glass, hoping to find that jar intact, but to no avail.  I still keep an eye to the ground as I walk my property, hoping to see a glint of the glass.  I reassure myself that since I didn’t find it, it is buried deeply and intact.  I have hesitated in burying another jar since then, because of what has happened.           

Outside today it is overcast with a slight breeze; my absolute favorite type of weather.  I’m resting up and relaxing because my band has a show tonight.  I’m thankful that I don’t have to work my day job, and that I have the opportunity to rest up for the show. 


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