Living By The Moon

Well, the moon is on the decline, so I started yesterday pulling weeds out of my strawberry patch & from around my flowers, and this afternoon you can find me mowing the grass.

I have been working with the phases of the moon in my daily life as much as possible….I sewed a bag for one of my decks of Tarot cards and started seedlings during the new moon;  made some jars… one for holding bill money and another for saving up money for a small trip I have planned, out of jars that once held something sweet, I call them honey jars… attract more with their sweetness, something I learned from studying HooDoo.  I also made sure that the first practice for our new band started during a waxing moon…I insisted on it!

During this waning moon I will be sorting through my witchcraft binders and reorganizing them.  I want to buy three new, very sturdy binders for my research of Tarot Card Meanings and I plan to regroup them into Major Arcana, Minor Arcana, and Court Cards.  This time I think I want something colorful instead of plain black.  I also plan to try & make one, and only one, Book Of Shadows for Gypsywitch.  It will have to be drizzled down from my current eleven binders full of study work. It will most likely be a time consuming project and will require another very large, sturdy binder.  The sorting for this project was started during the last waning moon.  I very well may not have it completed before the next new moon, but it is not something I am going to rush through.

When the moon phase is not right for what I am trying to do, I add small citrine stones to my work, because it’s properties transform any negative energy into positive energy.


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