Yame “…and today my sisters walk with me”

Yame   (Yah-may) – definition:  ..and today my sisters walk with me.

Today I take the name ‘Yame’ and give it an official definition. Yame came about while I was soaking in the bathtub, reading an initiation rite in the book “Earth Magic”.  As I was reading along, I noticed that I was silently saying Yame in my mind every time there was a blank space for the witches name.  After I recognized that I was doing it, I took a bar of soap, since I didn’t have a pen & paper, and wrote Yame Yahmay on my shower wall.

For the first time since I began studying the craft, I began to feel lonely as a solitary witch during Beltain of this year.  I watched videos of other witches enjoying their celebrations and gatherings on the computer.

While lost in thought, I realized that I am not alone.  I have coven sisters who can be with me all the time.  The following passage from the book “Earth Magic” by Marion Weinstein is what made me realize this:

Whenever you mark a holiday, you are working with, and tuning into (if you want to) an infinate number of other Witches, Pagans, Priestesses, Priests, Magicians, and Wizards, in all time and all space, from many lifetimes past and present.  You may be solitary, but you are never alone.

This problem of being a solitary comes about when you can’t seem to find others who are like you – or you just haven’t found them yet; or maybe the one you connected to moved far away.

My sisters may be pulled from the past or even imagined, but they are with me, wearing whatever they choose……most likely black hooded capes.  They follow behind me or are in circle around me – smiling, laughing, loving as no earthly sister can.


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