Simplicity is the Answer

I have been trying to get rid of everything in my life that is not needed or loved.  Constantly, I am finding myself toting a handful of items across the street to my neighbors’, that I think are too nice to throw away but I no longer want in my life, junking up my house.

As within so without.  I feel that my mind is reflected in my environment.  Yes, there are alot of papers and crafting materials that I am currently in the midst of sorting and clearing out.  Perhaps there are alot of things hiding in the back of my mind that need cleared out and exposed to the light also.

Tables seem to keep piling up, accumulating small piles of papers, trinkets, books and clothes.  I keep trying to sort through them, sometimes moving one mess to another spot that I tell myself I’ll get to later.

But, and this is the most important part, I have a message board up in the kitchen, where I post all my bills due, most pressing big chores to do, and what I need to buy, and the list IS getting completed.


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