Taking Care of A Witch’s Cat

Have you ever tried giving your cat a bath?  If you start when they are a kitten it will be no problem when they get bigger.  My cat probably weighs close to sixteen pounds by now.  She doesn’t give me any problems when I bathe her.  I usually bathe her once a month.  I don’t want to strip the oils from her skin by bathing her too often.

When I first got her, I established who was in control.  How I did this was by holding her in my arms, kind of like holding a baby, then gently holding her forepaws together with one hand and her back paws together with the other.  We would sit like this for several minutes.  If she struggled, she had to lay there a little longer.  Afterwards, I would let her go or if she was in the mood for it I’d hold her and pet her.  Rhiannon is a long haired part Persian cat.  I got her used to being in water by running a tub of water and getting in.  I would hold Rhiannon in the baby holding paws position and let the warm water cover her back, but never her face. Soon she enjoyed the warm feeling.

Sometimes when I got in the shower, I would take her with me, holding her belly against my chest and allowing the warm water to flow on to her back.  The only shampoo I would ever recommend for bathing a dog or cat is baby shampoo.  It can be name brand or generic, that doesn’t matter.

Rhiannon has her own washcloth that I just add the baby shampoo and scrub her up with.  Baby shampoo doesn’t burn her eyes.  It does not strip her hair of all it’s natural oils.  It is gentle and rinses out easily and quickly.  I then use a cup or bowl to rinse her off, or the shower hose, being especially careful not to get water in her ears.

A trick to get rid of fleas is to use vinegar.  It kills fleas on your pet. I’ve used it on young stray kittens when they were too young for the Revolution that I buy from the vet.  However, you need to keep it away from their private parts, because vinegar can change the ph balance and give urinary tract infections.   We don’t want our precious kittens to be in any pain.


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