Take A Chocolate Bath

Valentine’s Day is around the corner.  Here is one glorious way to treat yourself.  Take a chocolate bath.  Yes, you read it correctly.  Get your packs of hot chocolate, some candles, and a fluffy towel.  Gather up that book that you’ve been trying to find the time to read, too.  Get the fanciest glass you can find and fill it with ice and your favorite drink.

Start running the bathwater as you gather up all the needed items for your chocolate bath.  Turn the water as hot as you like it.  Add some powdered milk in to the stream of water.  There are no measurments.  Open several packs of the hot chocolate and pour them in to the running water.

Get in, relax away your cares, inhale the delicious aroma of chocolate, and enjoy.

After you are finished soaking and you are feeling like a million bucks, turn on the shower and rinse off, allowing the chocolate water to go down the drain.


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