This is a poem … about what one poor witch went through

~This is poetry that may be read either backward or forward~

Unfair and merciless Inquisitioners.                                                                              Forced confession.                                                                                                               No trial.                                                                                                                                Arms seized brutally,                                                                                                       wrists bound tightly,                                                                                                           eyes wide ~ disbelieving.

People walking briskly                                                                                                       crowd shouting, “Burn, witch, burn!”                                                                                 stake on fire

Mother and sisters crying hysterically                                                                              arms and legs; broken.                                                                                                         girl screaming from pain                                                                                                beaten and stripped, bruised, hurt                                                                                 bonfire crackling loudly

Witch tortured and burned,                                                                                           writhing, screaming.                                                                                                           skin melting,                                                                                                                    ashes smoldering.

Softly falling rain.

Written by Angela Gale Davenport, 05/14/08, copyright


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