The grass is greener over here!

When I first bought my house, the yard had some spots that nothing grew except for moss.  As I was growing up, I watched my Grandmother throw her egg shells and potato peelings right out into the flowerbeds.  I follow this same tradition.  My neighbors have told me that they have never seen my grass look so lush and green.

You do not need a compost heap to reap the rewards of  biodegradable gems such as  egg shells, fruit and vegetable peelings, chicken and fish bones, fresh fish, coffee grounds, and ashes from your fireplace, wood-burning stove or bonfire.

These natural fertilizers help by putting calcium, vitamins and minerals back into the plants growing in your yard or garden.  Egg shells also help aerate the soil and roses love banana peels!

Help Mother Earth by decomposing in the ground instead of wrapping biodegradable products in plastic and them eventually ending up in a landfill.  You can toss these items straight out in to the yard or, if you are worried about your yard looking a mess, you can dig a small hole and bury them, or just cover them up with a thin layer of dirt.


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